Superman Emblem Cake

Superb Black and Gold Superman Emblem Cake

This superb black and gold Superman Emblem cake is a single tier cake that is covered in black fondant. 

In addition the Superman Emblem is painted gold and has the underlying white buttercream showing through it.

This wonderful cake was made by Vanilicans

This is a nice simple, yet elegant cake that would be perfect for the birthday celebration of someone who loves this superhero.

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Superman Birthday Party cake

Superman Birthday Party Cake

This Marvelous Superman Birthday Party Cake is perfect for a super birthday celebration.

This wonderful cake was made by Arte Da Ka

In addition,  pictures of Superman are on the wall behind the cake. They give a nice theme for the party and make great party decorations.

Moreover, there are Superman cupcakes with the Superman symbol and the comic action words on the cupcake. Red and yellow macaroons match his colors. 

Furthermore, white chocolate suckers has pictures of him and his emblem.

Superman Birthday Cake

Furthermore, the cake has a cute fondant Superman on top.

This single tier cake has the sound effects words BAM, BANG, POW just like in the comics.  I like the way the colors match his costume.

Finally, the cake stand is red to match the costume.

Superman Cake Topper

Here’s a close-up of this cake topper.

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Superman and Spider-Man Cookies

These great Superman and Amazing Spider-Man Cookies were made by Punky’s Sugar Shoppe.

Superman and Spider-Man Cookies

I really like that in addition to cookies featuring the heroes, Tara also made cookies feature two phrases that are instantly associated with these heroes – “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” and “Faster Than A Speeding Bullet”. George Reeves is my favorite Superman, so I’ve heard the classic opening “Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!” countless times.

Superman and Spider-Man Cookies

My favorite cookies in this set are the two silhouettes featuring Superman and Spider-Man watching over their cities.

Superman Cookies

Such a great Superman cookie!

Superman Vs. The Amazing Spider-Man Treasury Edition

When I see Superman and Spider-Man together, I often think of the classic Treasury Edition released in 1976 – Superman Vs. The Amazing Spider-Man. This was the first time a super hero from DC and Marvel had been featured together in a comic book.  Since Treasury Editions are oversized, it was the perfect format for this titanic meeting.

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Take a look at these marvelous Superman Cakes & Cookies

Superman Bento Box

This superb Superman bento box is a great way to have a ‘Super’ lunch.

This wonderful bento box was made by Bento Monsters.

Is looks like his cape was made using a red bell pepper. His shoes and pants also appear to be red bell pepper. His belt is a carrot stick. His face is brown rice.  His hair and eyes are nori seaweed.

He is sitting on a bed of greens.

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Take a look at these marvelous Superman Cakes & Cookies