Superman Minion Cakesicle

This absolutely adorable Superman Minion Cakesicle was made by Kriti Dugar.

I’ve been seeing cakesicle a lot recently and realized that I’ve never featured one on Between The Pages before. So, today I’m featuring a few cool cakesicle and explaining what they are.

The cakesicle is a variation of the cake pop.


Mulan Cakepop

 Here is a wonderful Mulan Cake Pop made by Cake Pops by Renee.  A cake pop is a cake ball usually made of cake and icing and then dipped in candy coating and decorated.  Here is a great cake pop recipe by Bakerella.

The cakesicle is the same idea, but instead you shape the cake ball into a popsicle shape.  Here is a great video by My Cupcake Addiction that goes over how to make cakesicles:




cakesicle pans

cakesicle maker

Amazon even sells cakesicle molds and makers.

 The benefit of the cakesicle is there is so much more area to decorate than on a cake pop.


Disney Princess Tsum Tsum Cakesicles

These Disney Princess Tsum Tsum Cakesicles were made by Charlissa Baking Studio.  As you can see, they have so much more detail than a cake pop.


The disadvantage to cakesicles is that everyone comes out shaped like a popsicle.   


Unicorn Cakesciles 

These magical unicorn cakesicle were made by Creatiff Cakepops.  Since the top of the unicorn is decorated with a horn, ears, and flowers, you don’t even notice that the unicorns are popsicle shaped.

Another variation of the cakesicle is to use the larger surface area to affix a large intricate design on them.  Here are two wonderful example:


Christening Cakesciles

These gorgeous Christening Cakesciles were made by Hot Mama’s Cakes.


Carousel Themed Cakesciles

These beautiful Carousel Themed Cakesciles were made by The B Project.

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Superman Cake

This Superb Superman Cake was made by Cup N Cake.

This splendid cake was made for the Cake Con Collaboration. Cake Con is a collaboration featuring amazing artists who have created sugar art inspired by TV series, comics & video game characters.

This Superman cake bears a striking resemblance to the Superman played by Henry Cavill in movie Man of Steel in 2013. 

The cake board has a silver  metallic look of synthetic chain mail. The suit is described as battle armor and has a metallic sheen.


Superman Cake

Superman Cake

A slice of the Man of Steel lies in front of the cake.

Take a look at these marvelous Superman Cakes & Cookies