Lois & Superman Wedding Cake

Lois & Superman wedding cake
Lois & Superman wedding cake

This Lois & Superman wedding cake features a fondant 2-D drawing of them kissing.  At the top of the cake is a large 2-D fondant red heart with a large yellow sound effect balloon with the word Love written in blue fondant. In addition each letter is outlined in black. Also everything is outlined in black to make it look more like a comic drawing.   This cake represents Lois’s dream come true where she’s married to Superman.   It makes me think of the episode in the Adventures of Superman where Lois dreams she is marrying Superman. Also it reminds me of the Superman and Lois television show where Clark and Lois are married and have a family.

This wonderful cake was made by Angela Penta Cakes. This is a 2 tier cake where the bottom tier is a tall barrel tier and the top tier is a normal 2 layer tier.

This is #11 of 14 Valentine’s Day Posts that I am doing. Yesterday I featured, Sylvester Heart Cookies  Check back tomorrow for another Valentine’s treat and a pop culture couple.

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