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Geektastic Baby Bizarro Cake

Baby Bizarro Cake
Baby Bizarro Cake

This absolutely wonderful Baby Bizarro Cake was made by Cynthia Designs Cakes

To understand why this cake is so cool, you need to know a little about Bizarro.  The problem is the origin of Bizarro is more than a little bizarre. To start with, there are two different people who could have created Bizarro.


Superboy 68

Superboy 68 featured a story written by Otto Binder about an imperfect duplicate of Superboy called Bizarro.  He dies at the end of the story to restore a blind girls sight.


Superman Newspaper Strip

Shortly afterwards, an adult Bizarro appears in the Superman newspaper strip.  Here is his first appearance.  Even though this version of Bizarro was printed second, because of the lead time on the newspaper strip, many believe that he was actually created before the story in Superboy.  If that is correct then Bizarro was created by Alvin Schwartz who wrote the newspaper strip.


Action Comics 254

A year later, Otto Binder used the adult version of Bizarro in Action Comics 254.  By now, Bizarro has started to become popular.  Within two years, he will become so popular that he will be given his own backup feature in Adventure Comics.  Two major changes occur during this time.  First, Bizarro becomes less of a villain and more of a comedic character.  Second, Bizarro begins living on Bizarro world.


Bizarro World

Here are a few panels for the first Bizarro World story.


Superman 202

The character Bizarro continues to evolve. At some point, Bizarro would even begin wearing a Bizarro #1 sign on his chest.  This design of Bizarro stayed around for most of comic’s silver age.  Later in the bronze age, Bizarro at times would be shown with an inverted S as his chest symbol and in some cases his costume was purple and red instead of blue and red.

One last comment about Bizarro. Jerry Seinfeld, who is a massive Superman fan, did an episode of his television series called “The Bizarro Jerry” which featured many Bizarro references.


Baby Bizarro Cake

Cythnia takes all of this sillyness and turns it into an absolutely terrific cake.  The world is cube just like Bizarro World.  The cake board is black with stars on it, so it looks like Bizzaro World is in space.  Sitting on top of the world is Baby Bizarro who is wearing a Bizarro costume and has a #1 name tag. The coolest part of the cake? Cythnia sculpted Bizarro’s face from a photograph.  The end results is a gorgeous cake which would bring a huge smile to the face of any Silver Age Superman fan.


Bizarro #1