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Sylvester Heart Cookies

Sylvester Heart Cookies
Sylvester Heart Cookies

These Sylvester Heart cookies feature him and his cat sweetheart.  The cat cookies are surround by heart cookies covered in red royal icing with the white royal icing words Happy Couple and Love You or Te Amo Ro and Felix cumpleanos.  In addition there is also a cookie shaped like a piece of cake covered in red and pink icing. Also pink royal icing roses are on some of the cookies. 

These wonderful cookies were made by Popfetti Cookies. The red heart cookies match Sylverter’s red nose.

Silvester Heart Cookies

These red heart cookies and this cat couple cookies are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

This is #10 of 14 Valentine’s Day Posts that I am doing. Yesterday I featured, Miss Bianca and Bernard Cake  Check back tomorrow for another Valentine’s treat and a pop culture couple.

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