Splendid LEGO Batman v Superman Birthday Cake

LEGO Batman v Superman Cake

This cool LEGO Batman v Superman Cake was made by Regali Kitchen. 

The top layer of the cake is blue to represent the sky. There are white clouds on the side and top of this cake layer. The red and yellow Superman symbol is on the side of this cake layer. LEGO Superman is on the top of the cake.

The bottom cake layer is yellow. It has black building silhouettes with yellow windows. The black Bat-symbol is on the side of this cake layer. LEGO Batman is sitting beside the cake.

The cake board is red with a blue border on the side.


LEGO Superman Cake Topper

LEGO Superman is standing on a cloud above the cake. He is holding a white star with the number 5 to represent the birthday age.


LEGO Batman Cake Topper

LEGO Batman has a Batarang in his hand.  He is wearing his yellow utility belt. His black costume has the black and yellow Bat-symbol on his chest.


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