Grant Morrison and Howard Porter’s JLA Cookies

Justice League Cookies

The Justice League of America has been around since 1960.  Over the years, a ton of creators have chronicled their adventures.  One of the most popular runs was the JLA by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter.  Mallory Mae from ButterWinks did an amazing job recreating this version of the JLA as cookies.

From top to bottom, the characters are Green Lantern, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Prometheus (one of the JLA’s villains), Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and Batman.


Aquaman Cookie



The next four pictures show how Mallory makes these amazing cookies:


Green Lantern Cookie

Green Lantern


How To Make A Green Lantern Cookie

How to make a Green Lantern Cookie


Wonder Woman Cookie

Wonder Woman


How To Make A Wonder Woman Cookie

How to make a Wonder Woman Cookie

Mallory Mae, who made these awesome JLA Cookies, teaches a Craftsy Class that shows you how to decorate cookies.  I have taken this class and absolutely loved it!

 Piping Cookies That Pop!