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Fantastic JLA Cupcake Toppers

JLA Cupcake Toppers

These wonderful JLA Cupcake Toppers can be purchased from D’s Custom Toppers on Etsy.  These cupcake toppers feature the seven original Justice League of America members – Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and Green Lantern.  I really like how each character consists of two toppers – one for their face and one for their body.


Batman Cupcake Topper

Here is a close-up of the Batman Cupcake Topper.  The first topper features Batman’s cowl.  All you can see is Batman’s eyes and mouth.  I really like how Batman’s cowl has pointy bat ears.  The second topper features Batman’s costume.  It is black and grey with Batman’s chest emblem and utility belt.  I really like how Batman’s cape is draped over part of the cupcake topper.



Flash Cupcake Topper

The first Flash Cupcake Topper features his head.  It has his red mask with the yellow lightning bolts on the side.  The second topper features his costume.  It is red with the Flash’s logo and a lightning bolt.


Superman Cupcake Topper

The first Superman cupcake topper features his head.  The little curl of hair hanging down is too cute.  The second topper is Superman’s classic costume.  Superman’s cape is draped over the bottom cupcake topper.  I like that Dhoreen used the Gold Age chest emblem for Superman’s costume, instead of the modern chest emblem that has become so famous.  This cover of Superman 9 has a wonderful image of Superman’s golden age costume.


Superman 9


Wonder Woman Cupcake Topper

The first Wonder Woman cupcake topper features his head.  Her hair is more detailed than any of the other cupcake toppers and she is wearing her gold tiara with the red star on it.  The second topper features Wonder Woman’s classic costume.  She even has her lasso at her side.

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