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The Coolest Superhero Cake Ever!

Superhero Cake

This year’s That Takes The Cake! competition’s theme was Cake Crusaders.  Cynthia Bayne took 4th Place in Showcakes with this marvelous superhero cake.


This cake is like an I Spy Book, there are so many little touches on this cake.  I keep finding stuff that I didn’t see the previous time I looked at it.


Can you find the following?

  • Sound Effect Balloons
  • Two Comic Books
  • Batman
  • Hulk
  • Superman
  • Superman’s logo
  • Wonder Woman
  • The Thing
  • The Joker
  • Spider-Man
  • Spider-Man’s web shooter
  • Spider-Man’s web
  • Captain America’s shield


Batman CakeHulk CakeSuperhero Cake Superhero Cake

What’s the green glow from under the bed?  My two guesses are Green Lantern’s Lamp or Kryptonite.

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