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Adorable Marvel Super Hero Cupcake Toppers

Marvel Super Hero Cupcake Toppers

These cute Marvel Super Hero Cupcake Toppers can be purchased from D’s Custom Toppers on Etsy.  This set of 12 features:

The Hulk – Nothing to SMASH so, Hulk frown!

Iron Man – I like how Iron Man has a square smile

Cyclops – Dhoreen did an wonderful job with Cyclops visor

Iceman –  I love the simplicity of this cupcake topper

Thor – Beware, Loki lurks below!

Wolverine – I’m the best there is at what I’m do, and what I do is make cupcakes

Spider-Man – Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a cupcake can

Captain America – I love how Dhoreen uses little slits for the eyes in this set of toppers.  They’re more expressive that way

Hawkeye – This is my favorite of the set.  The detail is wonderful and I love that Dhoreen used Hawkeye’s comic book  costume

Black Widow –  The hair is terrific on this cupcake topper

The Beast – I love it when less well known characters like, Henry McCoy, get featured 

The Thing – Dhoreen did a wonderful job making the Thing look like he is made out of rocks


Marvel Super Hero Cupcake Toppers

This second set of 12 Marvel Super Hero Cupcake Toppers features:

Groot – I am Cupcake Topper!

Gamora – The Hulk’s long lost twin sister?

Thor – Has Loki outnumbered 11 to 1

Hawkeye – The Avenger’s archer makes a great cupcake topper

Black Widow – Gamora and Black Widow both have little eye lashes at the end of their eyes

Captain America – Cap’s eyes are different on this topper

Iron Man – I like how the two Iron Man cupcake toppers have very different designs

Spider-Man – I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

Loki – I’d frown too, if I was so outnumbered

The Hulk – Gamora’s long lost twin brother?

Wolverine – am I the only one who thinks Wolverine looks like he is pouting?

Iceman – Last but not least 

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