These Superhero Cake Toppers Are Here To Save The Day!

Superman, Batman, & Spider-Man Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers by Julie makes wonderful cake and cupcake toppers.  Julie makes all of these cake toppers from hand with gumpaste. Above are Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man cake toppers.  The designs of these three super heroes are wonderful.  Superman is wearing his classic blue costume with red boots, cape, and briefs.  I love how Superman looks so muscular.  My favorite part of Superman is his face with the little lock of hair hanging down.  Batman is wearing his grey costume with black cowl, cape, gloves, boots, and briefs. Batman is wearing his famous utility belt.  He is muscular, but not as muscular as Superman.  Spider-Man is wearing his classic blue and red costume.


Batman & Robin Cake Toppers

Here are Batman, Robin, and the Bat-Signal.  I like how the design of this Batman Cake Topper is totally different than the one above it.  The Robin Cake Topper is wonderful.  He is wearing his classic red, green, and yellow costume.  He even has the shorts which Robin hasn’t worn in years.  I know that this costume isn’t as practical as the more modern designs, but this will always be the costume that comes to mind when I think of Robin.


Captain America Cake Topper

Here’s Captain America.  He is wearing his patriotic red, white, and blue costume and holding his shield.


Spider-Man Cake Topper

Be very very quiet! Spider-Man is taking a nap.


Spider-Man Cake Topper

If I take this came picture and flip it, the logo is upside down, but now you can see that Spider-Man isn’t napping.  He is crawling up a wall. 


Spider-Man Cake

Here’s is a picture of that Spider-Man Cake Topper in action!


LEGO Spider-Man Cupcake Toppers

Julie also made these cool LEGO Spider-Man Cupcake Toppers.

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