Superhero Cookies

These superb Marvel and DC Superhero cookies feature Flash and his symbol, Hulk and his green fist, Hawkeye and his bow and arrow, Catwoman and her symbol, Captain America and his shield, Iron Man and his arc reactor, Marvel, DC, Batman and the Bat Symbol, Green Lantern and his lantern symbol, Aquaman and his symbol, Wonder Woman and her logo, Black Widow and her symbol, Thor and his hammer, Superman and his symbol.

There are 30 cookies and 13 characters in this splendid set.

These wonderful cookies were made by CREEative Cookies.

Marvel Superhero Cookies

DC Superhero Cookies

Cute Kawaii Marvel Avengers and Superman Cake made by That Baking Girl

This cute Kawaii Marel Avengers and Superman cake is a two tier birthday cake. It features Thor holding his hammer and a number one at the top of the cake.  The cake is blue to represent the sky.

Superman is flying along the side of the top tier.

Iron Man is flying in the air in front of the moon at the top of the bottom tier.

Hulk is standing in front of building silhouettes. The birthday name looks like carved stones in front of the cake.

The cake board in front of Hulk has stones knocked out by the Hulk.

This wonderful cake was made by That Baking Girl


Cute Kawaii Marvel Avengers and Superman Cake made by That Baking Girl

Close-up of Hulk

Cute Kawaii Marvel Avengers and Superman Cake made by That Baking Girl

Close-up of Iron Man

Avengers 4th Birthday Cake

This terrific Avengers 4th birthday cake features Iron Man's mask, Captain America's shield, Hawkeye's arrows, and the Hulk's green fist. Spider-man’s webs are on the cake board. 

The cake looks like a stone wall that has been cracked open by the Hulk.

The child’s name is written in white letters on the cake board and the birthday age is in the middle of Cap’s shield.

This wonderful cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company.

Avengers cake

This Cute Kawaii Chibi Avengers cake has 3-d edible figures of the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor.

This wonderful cake was made by Celebrate with Cake.  

It is a single tier cake with the silhouette of a cityscape on the side of the cake. In the sky above the city is the number 37 to represent the birthday age. Hulk and Iron Man are Standing beside the cake.  Captain America and Thor are standing of top of the cake. There is another cityscape silhouette behind them. Thor is holding his hammer and Cap is holding his shield.

The birthday name is written in Yellow letters in front of the cake on the cake board.