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Marvelous Olaf Ombre Ruffles Cake

Olaf Cake

This Olaf Ombre Ruffles Cake was made by Heavenly Treats. Olaf is standing on one foot with his arms outstretched and a large smile on his face. His one tooth is showing. There is a white number six beside him to represent the birthday age. This Olaf Cake is a single layer cake with white to blue ombre ruffles around the cake.

The bottom ruffle is white. The next ruffle is a very light blue. The last ruffle and the top of the cake is the same shade of blue. There are white snowflakes scattered all over the blue and white ombre ruffles. The cake board is white. Just in front of the cake are larger white snowflakes resting on the cake board and touching the cake.  The birthday name is in white letters on the cake board in front of the cake. 

Olaf Cake

Olaf is on top of the cake. His three coal buttons have a textured pattern. The number ‘6’ is sparkly like it is made of snow. There is a white snowflake on top of the six.

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