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Marvelous Fantastic Four Cake

Fantastic Four Cake

This year’s That Takes The Cake! competition’s theme was Cake Crusaders.  Mariana McEnroe took 3rd Place in Showcakes with this marvelous Fantastic Four cake.

This gigantic cake was made with seven layers.  That is big enough for Galactus to snack on. The bottom three layers show the city that the Fantastic Four is protecting.  The next three layers show space and meteors.  The top layer looks like a rock with the Fantastic Four logo on it.  


Fantastic Four Cake


Thing Cake Topper

Here is a close-up of the Thing punching one of the meteors.


Invisible Woman Cake Topper

The Invisible Woman is creating a force field to block the meteors. 


Human Torch Cake Topper

The Human Torch is flying in the sky, probably trying to disintegrate the meteors.


Mister Fantastic Cake Topper

Mister Fantastic appears to be stretching and somehow knocking the meteors off course.