Fantastic Four

The Galactus Cake That Devoured The Earth!

Galactus Cake

This marvelous Galactus Cake was made by Xtra Special Cakes.  I love the design of this cake with Galactus preparing to devour the Earth.  The cake even includes Galactus’ gigantic headgear.  My husband is a fan of the Fantastic Four, Galactus, and Silver Surfer.  He would go crazy, if he received this cake for his Birthday.


Galactus in Fanastic Four 48

Galactus and The Silver Surfer 1st appeared in Fantastic Four #48.  Here is the final panel reveal of Galactus from that issue.  In the next issue, Galactus’ costume is purple and brown (the color scheme used by Xtra Special Cakes) and I kid you not, Galactus switches over to wearing shorts!

In the first 47 issues, when the Fantastic Four wasn’t fighting among itself, it fought Doctor Doom, The Mole Man, Skrulls, The Hulk, The Sub-Mariner and many other foes.  Galactus was different that any foe that the Fantastic Four had faced before.  He wasn’t evil.  He was a being who was so large and so powerful that he ate whole planets.  He created a herald, the Silver Surfer, to fly through space and find planets suitable for Galactus to consume.  In Fantastic Four 47 through 50, the classic Galactus Trilogy, Galactus attempted to devour Earth.  While Galactus is the menace in this story, the real focus in on the Silver Surfer.  He would become an extremely popular character and even receive his own series.  If you’ve never read the Galactus Trilogy, I highly recommend it.  It is considered one of the high points in Silver Age Marvel Comics.

Top 10 Superhero Cakes: #3

Welcome back to Superhero Cake Countdown. I’m your host Karen Williams. Today, we are continuing our countdown of the best superhero cakes featured on Between the Pages.

Today I’m featuring Aunt Petunia’s ever lovin’ bashful blue eyed nephew.  Coming in at number three is….



Thing Cake

Thing Cake

Thing Cake

Thing Cake



Earl Vallery’s fantastic Thing Cake.  Earl’s cake won 2nd place at the That Takes The Cake! competition.

We only have two cakes to go, so tune in tomorrow, same cake time, same cake channel, for superhero cake number two.


Marvelous Fantastic Four Cake

Fantastic Four Cake

This year’s That Takes The Cake! competition’s theme was Cake Crusaders.  Mariana McEnroe took 3rd Place in Showcakes with this marvelous Fantastic Four cake.

This gigantic cake was made with seven layers.  That is big enough for Galactus to snack on. The bottom three layers show the city that the Fantastic Four is protecting.  The next three layers show space and meteors.  The top layer looks like a rock with the Fantastic Four logo on it.  


Fantastic Four Cake


Thing Cake Topper

Here is a close-up of the Thing punching one of the meteors.


Invisible Woman Cake Topper

The Invisible Woman is creating a force field to block the meteors. 


Human Torch Cake Topper

The Human Torch is flying in the sky, probably trying to disintegrate the meteors.


Mister Fantastic Cake Topper

Mister Fantastic appears to be stretching and somehow knocking the meteors off course.