Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Chocolate Strawberries

Wonder Woman Chocolate Strawberries

Wonder Woman Chocolate Strawberries

These wonderful Wonder Woman Chocolate Strawberries were made by Sugar Fiend. There are a dozen strawberries in this set.

Six of them spell out Happy Birthday. These strawberries alternate between blue and red with two gold letters on each.

There are two with a lovely red swirl pattern on them and they have a gold Wonder Woman logo on them.

Two look like Wonder Woman’s costume. They have blue with white stars, a gold middle, and a red top.

The last two are close-ups of Wonder Woman’s head. She is wearing her gold tiara and in a really cute touch, her hair is black with blue accents. Why blue accents? For years comic books were printed with four ink colors. All the of the other colors were made by mixing these colors. It was extremely difficult to get multiple shades of black. So, if a character had black hair the easiest way to show texture or motion was to give it touches of blue. Modern comic books use better paper and the printing has improved so much that hundreds of shades can be used.

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This gorgeous cake features a comic book of Diana Prince transforming into Wonder Woman and then Wonder Woman diving out of the comic book.

This lovely Wonder Woman cake is made with two different sized square tiers.

This stunning 3-D sculpted cake features Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman 5th Birthday Cookies

Wonder Woman Cookies

Wonder Woman Cookies

These Wonder Woman 5th birthday cookies are terrific cookies featuring a  hand-drawn Wonder Woman cookie surrounded by red, blue, and gold Wonder Woman costume themed cookies.

These wonderful cookies were made by Kirkie Kookies.

The primary colors of these cookies are red, blue, and gold. The Happy Birthday cookie is shaped like a comic sound effect. A heart shaped cookie has a red order with white stars and a blue heart in the middle.  The gold Wonder Woman logo is on top of the blue heart. Another cookie looks just like her costume. In addition, the birthday name is on another cookie. The writing is in white letters. The background is red with darker red stripes and gold stars.  I love the bright colors of these cookies.


Hand-painted Wonder Woman Cookie

The key cookie of the set is this hand-drawn Wonder Woman cookie.  She looks like she was taken from a comic book panel. The red, blue, and gold on the other cookies draw out these colors on this cookie.


Wonder Woman cookies

The number 5 cookie has a gold crown on top and the five itself is made to look like her outfit. The bottom of the cookie has the word five written in gold letters.

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Splendid Wonder Woman Shoe Cake

Wonder Woman Shoe Cake

Wonder Woman Shoe Cake

This splendid Wonder Woman shoe cake is in the shape of a dress shoe with the top red and the toe blue with white stars.  Her lasso decorates the upper rim of the shoe with the ends hanging over the back. 

A small version of her gold crown with a red star is beside the shoe.

This wonderful cake was made by A Slice of Happiness.

The cake board has wooden planks to look like a wooden floor.

For more Wonder Woman party ideas look at this Wonder Woman cake with a hand-drawing of her  and this chibi Wonder Woman cake.

This Wonder Woman Cake Is Practically Perfect In Every Way

Wonder Woman Cake

This Fabulous Wonder Woman Cake was made by Cakeldy.  This fortieth Superhero birthday cake is composed of two square cakes that are paneled with edible printer pictures on the front sides of each square to create a great portrait of Wonder Woman. This is a very creative way to give the illusion of three dimensions to a two dimensional image.

The two square cakes are covered in yellow fondant. The smaller cake layer is positioned so that it is even with the left side of the bottom cake and offset with the front and right side of the bottom layer.  This arrangement makes an ideal platform to give a three dimensional effect to the two dimensional picture of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman’s picture was printed using an edible printer. The printed sheet was cut into two squares. The head and neck of Wonder Woman, her right shoulder, and her left hand were cut out as a separate square and placed on the smaller top cube. A square with her body including the rest of her right arm was placed on the larger panel.  

As a nice finishing touch, Wonder Woman’s golden crown is on top of the smaller cake. 

The cake board is color coordinated to match Wonder Woman’s costume. It is blue with white stars on top and the sides of the cake board are red.