Wonder Woman

Cute Wonder Woman Cake

Wonder Woman Cake


This cute Wonder Woman cake has an adorable fondant Wonder Woman cake topper and her emblem on the side of the cake.

This wonderful cake was made by Arte Da ka

This cake would be perfect for a birthday party celebration.

The bottom tier of the cake is blue with white stars and matches her costume.

In addition, the top tier is red with the Wonder Woman yellow symbol.

Moreover, her lasso is around the top tier.

Wonder Woman Cake Topper

Furthermore, this cute Wonder Woman cake topper looks like a nice doll of her.  I like the friendly smile on her face.

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Sensational Sculpted Chibi Wonder Woman Cake

Sculpted Wonder Woman Cake

Chibi Wonder Woman Cake

This sensational chibi Wonder Woman cake is a 3-D version of this beloved DC Superhero.

This wonderful cake was made by MileBian by Lucia Loro

Chibi Wonder Woman Cake

Wonder Woman is holding her gold lasso in her hands.

In addition, I like the focused look in her eyes.  She is ready to face any foe.

Moreover, the shiny blue and red match well with the metallic gold.

Furthermore, I like the way she is standing on one foot. It looks like she is running into the action. I like the way the cake seems to defy gravity.

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This Wonder Woman Cake Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See This Week!

Wonder Woman Cake

Wow! Inspired Cakes – by Amy did an amazing job creating this Wonder Woman Cake. Amy made this cake for her husband’s birthday. It is jaffa cake on the inside. Amy used Saracino modeling paste, Rainbox Dust Colors edible art paints, and Faye Cahill Cake Designs’ royal gold lustre dust to decorate the cake. The sculpting and modeling on this cake is absolutely amazing!

Splendid Wonder Woman Cake Topper

Wonder Woman Cake Topper

This splendid Wonder Woman cake topper is an edible 3-D figure of Wonder Woman. She is wearing red and white boots, a red cape, and a dress with a blue skirt with white stars and a red and gold top.

She is wearing a gold tiara with a red star in the middle.

Her black hair is blowing in the wind.

This wonderful cake topper was made by Simone Lopez.

The cake itself is white with blue highlights to represent the sky with clouds.