Wonder Woman Chocolate Strawberries

Wonder Woman Chocolate Strawberries
Wonder Woman Chocolate Strawberries

These wonderful Wonder Woman Chocolate Strawberries were made by Sugar Fiend. There are a dozen strawberries in this set.

Six of them spell out Happy Birthday. These strawberries alternate between blue and red with two gold letters on each.

There are two with a lovely red swirl pattern on them and they have a gold Wonder Woman logo on them.

Two look like Wonder Woman’s costume. They have blue with white stars, a gold middle, and a red top.

The last two are close-ups of Wonder Woman’s head. She is wearing her gold tiara and in a really cute touch, her hair is black with blue accents. Why blue accents? For years comic books were printed with four ink colors. All the of the other colors were made by mixing these colors. It was extremely difficult to get multiple shades of black. So, if a character had black hair the easiest way to show texture or motion was to give it touches of blue. Modern comic books use better paper and the printing has improved so much that hundreds of shades can be used.

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