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Wonder Woman 40th Birthday Cake

Wonder Woman 4oth Birthday Cake
Wonder Woman 4oth Birthday Cake

This fabulous Wonder Woman 4oth Birthday Cake was made by Cakeldy.  This cake is composed of two square cakes that are paneled with edible printer pictures on the front sides of each square to create a great portrait of Wonder Woman. This is a very creative way to give the illusion of three dimensions to a two dimensional image.

The two square cakes are covered in yellow fondant. The smaller cake layer is positioned so that it is even with the left side of the bottom cake and offset with the front and right side of the bottom layer.  This arrangement makes an ideal platform to give a three dimensional effect to the two dimensional picture of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman’s picture was printed using an edible printer. The printed sheet was cut into two squares. The head and neck of Wonder Woman, her right shoulder, and her left hand were cut out as a separate square and placed on the smaller top cube. A square with her body including the rest of her right arm was placed on the larger panel.  

As a nice finishing touch, Wonder Woman’s golden tiara is on top of the smaller cake. 

The cake board is color coordinated to match Wonder Woman’s costume. It is blue with white stars on top and the sides of the cake board are red. 

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