Donald Duck’s Kitchen Disaster Cake

Donald Duck Cake

This Fabulous Donald Duck Cake was made by Christian Giardina Cake Artist. This cakes illustrates what happens when Donald Duck tries to make pancakes in his kitchen. Every inch of his kitchen becomes a disaster area.  This cake shows Donald at three different steps of pancake making.  At the top of the cake, he is standing at his kitchen table. He starts by adding all the ingredients to a red bowl. At another step Donald is mixing everything together. At the third step, he falls into the bowl of batter. 

Doald Duck Cake

Donald is at his wooden kitchen table mixing ingredients together to make pancakes. He has flour, milk, oil, and a bowl of batter. There are two cracked eggs out on the table. Donald looks as if he is trying to remember what ingredient to add next to make the pancakes.

Donald Duck Cake

Donald uses only the freshest ingredients. There is a bowl of eggs along with the chicken that just laid them. There are chicken feathers all around the chicken. Donald has fallen face first into the mixing bowl with the pancake batter. There is a copy of the Pancake recipe beside the bowl. The name of author of the recipe is the same as the birthday person.

Donald Duck Cooking Disasters Cake

In this picture, Donald is mixing up the pancake batter. It is on the spoon dripping back into the bowl. 

Donald Duck Kitchen Cake

This picture shows a wooden spoon and red and white kitchen curtains on the cake layer above Donald.