Awesome Chibi Sheriff Woody Cake

Chibi Sheriff Woody Cake

This Awesome Chibi Sheriff Woody Cake was made by The Royal Bakery. This Toy Story Cake features Sheriff Woody riding a horse. The horse reminds me of Bullseye. Woody is riding a horse because the birthday boy was born in the year of the horse. 

The cake board looks like brown wooden boards. There is a red ribbon with white polka-dots around the edge of the cake board. There are yellow bails of hay on the cake board around Woody and his horse. If you look closely, you can see hay in Bullseye’s mouth. Woody is wearing a blue bandana with white stars instead of his regular red and white bandana.

This Disney first birthday cake has the birthday name in gold letters. A gold sheriff’s badge with the number 1 in the middle for the birthday age replaces the second letter of the name. Happy Birthday is written in smaller red letters above the name.

Woody’s head and hat were made from an 8 inch cake and a 7 inch carved cake on top.  

An interesting note about this cake is that when the baker got back the internal structure for the cake two weeks later, the cake was still there. The customer said it was too cute to cut and this time the customer really meant it.  The one year old boy had a smash cake for him in addition to Woody.  The smash cake was shared with the other kids at the party. 

Here’s a picture of the cake that the baker got back.

Toy Story Cake