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Hiro and Baymax Reunited

Big Hero 6 Cake

This Big Hero 6 Cake was made by I Love Cake by Shiela. Baxmax is hugging Hiro Hamada.

This reminds me of the scene at the end of movie where Hiro is sad because Baymax stayed behind in the void in order to save Hiro and Abigail Callaghan.  Hiro is unpacking the fist of Baymax that powered him and Abigail out of the void.  He taps the fist and it opens slightly.  He notices that there is something there and he finds the original data card that contains Baymax’s program written by his brother Tadashi Hamada. Hiro rebuilds Baymax and uses the data card to activate the new Baymax that has the original Baymax’s personality. Hiro runs and puts his arms around Baymax and Baymax puts his arms around Hiro. Hiro is very happy to have Baymax with him again. 

This very touching scene at the end of the movie is wonderfully recreated in cake form here.

Big Hero 6 Cake

This single layer Big Hero 6 9th Birthday cake is brown. There is a red sign with the birthday name and age and one of Hiro’s bots beside the age.