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Stunning Big Hero 6 Cookies

Big Hero 6 Cookies

These absolutely stunning Big Hero 6 Cookies were made by Cookie Cowgirl.  There are six hand drawn and hand painted cookies of Big Hero 6, four round black and white Baymax cookies, and four square cookies featuring Yokai. 


Big Hero 6 Cookies

The cookies featuring close-ups of Go Go, Hiro, and Wasabi are amazing.  I love how Monica used a combinations of hand drawing and hand painting to create the cookies; it gives them a gorgeous water color look.  Notice how each cookie has the name of the character written on the side.

Along with these 3 character cookies are square cookies featuring Yokai.  I love how the cookies featuring the Big Hero 6 team members have a full picture of the character while the cookies featuring Yokai only feature a portion of his face.  This makes him look more mysterious and menacing. 


Big Hero 6 Cookies

The cookies featuring Baymax, Honey Lemo, and Fred are stunning.


If I asked someone to list Marvel Comics characters which had gotten their own movies, the list would include characters like:


Avengers Age of Ultron Movie Poster

The Avengers,


Captain America The Winter Soldier Movie Poster

Captain America, and


Blade Trinity Movie Poster

maybe even lesser know characters like blade, but


Big Hero 6 Movie Poster

very few people would list Big Hero 6.

Believe it or not, Big Hero 6 started as a Marvel Comic Book.


Big Hero 6 Comic

Big Hero 6 Comic

There was a period of time when the Uncanny X-Men was Marvel’s best selling comic book, so Marvel started created spin-offs.  One popular spin-off was Alpha Flight which dealt with a team of Canadian mutants who worked for the government.  Alpha Flight premiered in issues of the Uncanny X-Men.  They were linked with Wolverine, the most popular X-Man. And, the early issues were written and drawn by John Bryne who had worked on Uncanny X-Men for a few years and was extremely popular. 

Big Hero 6 was the Japanese equivalent of Alpha Flight.  They were a team of Japanese superheroes who worked for the government.  Their first two mini-series were written by Scott Lobdell (who wrote many X-Men comics) and Chris Claremont (writer of the Uncanny X-Men).  And, Big Hero 6 featured two Japanese characters, Sunfire and Silver Samurai, who had appeared in X-Men comics.

Unlike Alpha Flight, Big Hero 6 didn’t become popular and rarely ever appeared again.  I think there were a bunch of reasons the Big Hero 6 comic book didn’t catch on:

  • Big Hero 6 was supposed to premiere in an issue of Alpha Flight and then be featured in their own mini-series.  Something happened and Big Hero 6 launched as a three issue mini-series without premiering anywhere else.
  • By the time Big Hero 6 came along there had been so many X-Men spin-off that the fans were getting tired of them.
  • There was a big difference between being launched in Uncanny X-Men at the peak of its popularity and almost being launched in Alpha Flight when that book was no longer popular.
  • Lastly, Sunfire and Silver Samurai weren’t popular.  Silver Samurai had been a villain and Sunfire was an extremely unpopular character.  Sunfire had always been portrayed as arrogant, quick tempered, and never stayed with the X-Men for more than an issue or two at a time because of this.

I have no idea who at Marvel or Disney came up with the idea of featuring this relatively unknown team of super heroes in an animated movie, but I’m glad they did because the movie is delightful.  The one irony in all of this is that I doubt Big Hero 6 will appear in a Marvel Comic for years because as you can see from the pictures above Disney and Marvel’s version are very different.