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Marvelous Minions Wedding Cake Topper Made With 3D Printer

Minions Wedding Cake Topper Made With 3D Printer

Talk about a game changer.  Believe it or not, this marvelous Minions Wedding Cake Topper was printed from a 3D printer! 

This was made by Manuel Poehlau in Düsseldorf, Germany.  It was printed on a ProJet 660Pro printer.  The material is sandstone.  The wedding cake topper comes in various sizes from a minimum of 70mm tall to a maximum around 100mm tall.  The colors of the clothes and brides hair may also be customized. 

The coolest thing about this wedding cake topper? You can order your own custom version from Manuel’s Etsy store.

In this version, the groom is wearing a black tux with white gloves.  The bride is wearing a white sleeveless wedding dress with white gloves.  The bride has a purple belt around her waste and a matching purple flower in her hair.  The groom’s bowtie is the same color of purple.



Here are two versions where the groom has a grey suit.






Here are three more color variations.

Manual’s amazing cake topper has gotten me thinking about 3D printers and how they will change the cake industry. If I’ve learned one thing from blogging about cakes since 2009, it is this – the people who make the awesome cakes that I feature are artists whose chosen medium is flower, sugar, and chocolate.  When they’re not making edible artwork, many of these amazing artists are painting, drawing, or sculpt for fun.  Cake decorators are some of the most talented artists I’ve seen.  There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t see a cake that does something I’ve never seen before or that simply takes my breath away with how beautiful it is.  I cannot wait to see what these amazing artists create with 3D printers.  So what do I think the future holds? More stunning cakes than I can possibly blog about.  I think it is a wonderful and exciting time for cake artists.

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