Buzz Lightyear Sheriff Woody Toy Story

Toy Story Birthday Cakes: Andy’s Bed


Toy Story Cake


Toy Story Cake


Can you spot the difference?  Hamm had to replace Slinky Dog who went overboard.


Toy Story Cake


Toy Story Cake


This amazing cake was created by Elizabeth Stevens


Early scripts for Toy Story featured a Barbie Doll in a prominent role as Woody’s love interest. The original ending sequence, in which Buzz and Woody chase the moving truck, was scripted to have Barbie drive her Corvette off the truck and rescue Woody and Buzz from Sid’s dog, a-la Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991). Mattel, the company that owns the Barbie character, declined on the basis that they thought the film would be a failure and that they didn’t want Barbie to have a defined personality, preferring to let children imagine Barbie’s personality traits on their own. Thus, Barbie was dropped from the script, and her character was reworked into that of Bo-Peep. When the film proved a huge success, Mattel did allow Barbie to appear in Toy Story 2 & 3. (IMDB)


Toy Story Cake


Toy Story Cake


Buzz Lightyear Figure


Sheriff Woody Figure


Jessie Figure


This wonderful cake was created by Nesrin Tong

The animation team perfected the movement of the toy soldiers by gluing some sneakers to a sheet of wood and trying to walk around with them on. (IMDB)


Toy Story Cake

This cute cake was baked by Dragonfly


In Cars, Lightning McQueen seeks the sponsorship of Dinoco, which is the name of the gas station at which Woody and Buzz get lost in Toy Story. (Pixar Wiki)


Toy Story Cake


Woody Figure


Buzz Lightyear & Little Green Man


Hamm & Rex







Mr Potato Head


I love this Mr. Potato Head.  The first time I saw this picture, I thought it was a toy, not an edible figure.  This great cake was created by Sugar Siren.

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