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Wonderful Wonder Woman Cakes


Wonder Woman Cake

This Wonder Woman Birthday Cake was made by Charm City Cakes.

 William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman but he also worked, in the period during and after World War I, on the systolic blood-pressure test used to detect deception while he was a doctoral student in the psychology department at Harvard University. This was the predecessor of the polygraph test.  Wonder Woman’s Magic Lasso or Golden Lasso was the direct result of this research. (Wikipedia )

 Wonder Woman Cake

This Wonder Woman cake can be ordered from Icing and The Cake

The Lasso of Truth, or Lariat of Hestia, was forged by Hephaestus from the golden girdle of Gaea (Wikipedia)

 Here’s another excellent Wonder Woman costume cake.  This one was baked by Gail.  Gail made this for her daughter’s 32nd birthday because her daughter is a Wonder Woman to her. 



Wonder Woman Cake 

 At least as early as the 1950s, Wonder Woman’s Golden Tiara has also doubled as a dagger and a throwing weapon, returning to her like a boomerang.  Its sharpness and mystical nature proved enough to cut even Superman. (Wikipedia)


Wonder Woman Cake

 This Topsy Turvy Wonder Woman cake was created by cakelady77.

 Initially, Wonder Woman is an Amazon champion who wins the right to return Steve Trevor—a United States intelligence officer whose plane had crashed on the Amazons’ isolated island homeland—to “Man’s World,” and fight the evil of the Nazis and other crime.


 Wonder Woman Cake

 Wonder Woman Figure

 This 3-D Wonder Woman birthday cake was made by Torki’s Sugar Art

 On Man’s World, Wonder Woman’s secret identity is Diana Prince.

 Wonder Woman Cake

 Unfortunately, I have no idea who made this awesome Wonder Woman birthday cake.  If you know who made this (or the next cake), please email me – betweenthepagesblog [at] gmail [dot] com

How did Wonder Woman get the name Diana Prince?  When she brought Steve Trevor to the hospital, she knew she still wanted to remain near him.  Outside the hospital, she found a woman who looked similar to her in appearance, who was sitting on a bench crying.  She was the nurse Diana Prince, who wanted to join her boyfriend a mining engineer in South America, but lacked the money to do this. Wonder Woman bought the other woman’s credentials and remarked that she had had nurse’s training on Paradise Island. Then the woman told her her name was also Diana….Diana Prince. (AmazingAmazon on DC Comics Message Board)

 Wonder Woman Cake

This was the cake topper on a wedding cake.  The bride and groom designed and decorated the figures themselves.  Batman and Wonder Woman now stand watch on their living room mantle.

Wonder Woman’s bracelets are called Bracelets of Victory. (Wikipedia)


Wonder Woman Cake Wonder Woman Cake

 This cool cake was made by Pebbalina

The Justice Society of America (JSA) was the first team of Superheroes in comic book history.  The JSA premierred in All Star Comics #2.  All Star Comics is also notable for featuring the first appearance of Wonder Woman, in #8 (Dec. 1941). Unlike the other characters who had their own titles, she was allowed to appear in the book, but only as the JSA’s secretary and coffee historian. She did not actively take part in most adventures until much later in the series.  (Wikipedia)

  Justice Society of America Cake

As a fan of Golden Age Comics and the Justice Society of America, this cake was my favorite of the bunch.  For those not familiar with Golden Age Comics, the last two characters are the original Green Lantern and Flash.  This fantastic cake was baked by Annette.

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