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Never Fear! These Superhero Cupcakes Will Save The Day!

Superhero Cupcakes

These terrific superhero cupcakes were made by Cute Little Cupcakes.  The characters featured on these cupcakes are:


  • The Flash – This is the chest emblem on the Flash’s costume. 
  • Batman – This is the Bat-Signal or the chest emblem for Batman.
  • The Hulk – I had to ask Heidi which superhero this was.  I saw it as black with a green target on it and guessed Green Arrow.  I totally missed that it was the symbol for radiation. 
  • Martian Manhunter – I love the fact that J’onn is included in this set of cupcakes.  Even though he was in the Justice League animated series, he is probably the least know of the superheroes featured on these cupcakes
  • Spider-Man – This looks like the chest emblem from Tobey Mcguire’s costume.
  • Superman – The classic chest emblem used by Superman, Superboy, Supergirl, and many more.
  • Captain America – This cupcake features Captain America’s shield.
  • Robin – This is the more modern Robin emblem.  In the old costume, the R wasn’t as stylized.
  • Daredevil – I was happy to see Daredevil included in this set of cucpakes.  Even though there was a Daredevil movie, he still isn’t very well known.  I suspect that after the Netflix Daredevil series, he’ll be much more popular.
  • Aquaman – This is the belt emblem on the classic Aquaman costume.  Aquaman’s current costume has a much more stylized A.
  • Green Lantern – This is the chest emblem for Green Latern.  Most of the Green Latern Corp wore a costume with this logo.
  • Thor – This is Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir
  • The Fantastic Four – This is the FF’s logo. It appears on their costumes, the top of the Baxter Building, on the Fantasticar, and dozen of other places.
  • Iron Man – This is Iron Man’s face.
  • The Avengers – This is the Avengers logo.  Since each member of the Avengers has a unique costume, it isn’t actually used on that many items.  It has been used on the Quinjet and Avengers Tower / Stark Tower.

Heidi also made another terrific set of superhero cupcakes which features the original 7 members of the Justice League of America.