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Avengers Assemble and Hulk Smash Cake

Captain America Cake

This Avengers Cake was made by With Love and Confection. The bottom layer is covered in a wall of gray bricks. Bricks are flying through the air as Hulk’s green fist has smashed through the gray wall. Individual bricks are attached to single thin wires to place each brick in mid air flight.  The middle layer is blue with a red and white striped belt with Captain America’s shield in the middle. The top layer represents Thor’s helmet. The helmet is silver with two white wings, one on each side of the helmet.  

Avengers Cake

Multiple views of cake with Thor’s helmet on top, Captain America’s colors in the middle, and Hulk’s hand at the bottom

Hulk Cake

The Hulk smashing out of the brick cake

Thor Cake

Thor’s helmet with white feathers

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