Thor & Loki

Marvelous Chris Hemsworth Thor Cake

Chris Hemsworth Thor Cake

Thor Cake

This marvelous hand-painted Thor cake is an edible portrait of Chris Hemsworth’s version of this Marvel character.

This wonderful cake was made by Tatjana Fogelmane.

The baker airbrushed and hand-painted this magnificent portrait using fondant as the canvas.

This cake is part of the World of Marvel Collaboration.

Thor Cake

Notice the  lighter color around the face to make it stand out.

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Thanos & Loki Pumpkins

Loki & Thanos Pumpkins

Loki & Thanos Pumpkins

These wonderful Loki and Thanos Pumpkin Carvings were made by Maniac Pumpkin Carvers.

Thanos is in a classic pose with him holding the Infinity Gauntlet in front of him and making a fist with it. Light is glinting from his left eye.


Loki Pumpkin

Loki Pumpkin

Loki is dressed in his classic comic book costume. He has long hair. He is wearing gloves and a golden horned helmet. His pose makes him look like he is running toward you.

Both of these pumpkins are fantastic. 

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Magical Loki Cookies

Loki Cookies

Danielle Amaral, who also made the wonderful Sylvie’s Night Out cookies, is back with a second batch of magical Loki Cookies.

There are four cookies in the great set:

  • Alligator Loki which I have a close-up of bellow
  • The Time Variance Authorities’ timeline monitor
  • Loki’s Ticket. Don’t get in line without it!
  • Miss Minutes – The cutest AI clock ever


Alligator Loki Cookie

Here is a close-up of Danielle’s wonderful Alligator Loki Cookie.

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Terrific Hand Painted Loki Cookie

Sylvie’s Night Out

Sylvie Loki Cookies

Danielle Amaral made these Sylvie Laufeydottir aka Lady Loki cookies for The Disney Fashion Cookie Collaboration. They include a gorgeous dress, pocket book, and high healed shoes. All three are in Loki’s colors – green, black, and gold. The pocket book has Loki’s golden helmet on it.

Here is Danielle’s description these stunning cookies:

Today’s post is for  @burntcookiesbymurrah‘s #disneyfashioncookiecollab and I am so thrilled to be a part of it! I had so much fun designing these cookies based on Marvel’s Loki series and my final Loki inspired set will be coming soon… (Yes, the obsession is real)

– The High Heel: Modified from @inspiredtotaste cutter with royal icing and a fondant braided chain with painted accents.

– The Dress: I used the technique’s I learned from Liz’s class and the cutter is from @lizviz_shop / @ladymilkstache . I have been dying to use this cutter again as it was one of my first favorites when I started doing cookies. The top is painted fondant and the dimension in the dress is folded fondant.

– The Handbag: The main portion is textured fondant (I used a place mat to create the bottom texture) and the Loki helmet is made from royal icing, with of course a painted and braided fondant chain. Finally putting that extruder to use!

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