Awesome Two-sided Avengers Wedding Cake

Batman Wedding Cake

This Awesome two-sided Avengers Wedding Cake was made by Blossom Dream Cakes. The Superheroes side of this wedding cake includes the Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America from Marvel’s Avengers, and Batman from the DC comics universe. The other side of this amazing wedding cake has two love birds on top and tree brown branches that contain small white, pink, and red flowers.  The bottom layer of the three tier wedding cake is covered with flower blossoms.


Avengers Wedding Cake

This side of the wedding cake was made to surprise the groom who is a huge Superheroes fan. The top of the cake has Hulk’s green fist. The white backdrop for the other side of the cake is behind Hulk’s fist and there are white borders surrounding the Superhero portion so that the Superheroes cannot be seen from the other side of the cake.  The top layer of the cake is gold with a dark gold band on the bottom of the cake layer. Iron Man’s red and gold mask is in the center. The middle layer of this three tiered cake is white with red stripes. Captain America’s shield is in the center. The bottom layer of this cake is gray. It is covered with the Gotham city skyline. There are black building outlines with yellow windows. The yellow and black Batman symbol is in the center.

Hulk’s fist was made using Rice Krispies Treats and modeling chocolate. 


Captain America Wedding Cake


This side of the cake was made to match the wedding invitations. It has two love birds at the top of the cake. One bird is pink and a white heart shaped wing and the other is red with a white heart shaped wing. Their babes are touching. There is a white ornamental circular backdrop behind them. On the side of the top two layers are brown tree branches with scattered white, red, and pink flower blossoms. The bottom layer of the cake is totally covered in the white, red, and pink flower blossoms.  

The bottom two cake layers were made using vanilla sponge cake with strawberry preserves and vanilla buttercream. They were served at a wedding breakfast. The top layer of the cake was chocolate sponge cake with chocolate buttercream. It was to be eaten by the bride and groom after the wedding. 

The white backdrop behind the two birds was made using rice paper and floral wire.