The Coolest Avengers Infinity War Cake Ever!!!

Avengers Infinity War Cake

This Amazing Avengers Infinity War Cake was designed by Simone Lopez and was the collective work of many talented bakers. It was made for the 2018 Cartoomics Fair Rho, Milan.

Many terrific artists participated including: Sabrina Pierantozzi , Alessio Bucci, Davide Minetti, Massimiliano Colla, Marzia Caruso, Dada Segantini, Samantha Faraglia, Christian Giardina, Stefania Roberti, Claudia Lucaroni, Daniela Alborino, and Food & Cake Design.


Black Widow Cake Topper

This amazing Black Widow Cake Topper was made by Marzia Caruso.


Close-up of Avengers Infinity Wars

Here’s a great look at Thor, Black Widow, Spider-man, and the Hulk.


Shuri Cake Topper

This Shuri Cake Topper was made by by Claudia Lucaroni


Shuri Cake Topper  

Hawkeye Cake Topper

This marvelous Hawkeye Cake Topper is aiming his bow and arrow. This amazing figure was made by Simone Lopez


Iron Man CakeHere is a close-up of the sculpted Iron Man Cake.  It was also made Simone Lopez



Bucky Cake Topper

This wonderful Bucky Cake Topper was made by Alessio Bucci.


Doctor Strange cake topper 8

This superb Doctor Strange cake topper was made by Davide Minetti.


Gamora cake topper

Star Lord cake topper

This splendid Star Lord cake topper was made by Alessio Bucci.

Thor Cake topper 2

Thor, Hulk, War Machine, Hawkeye, Gamora, Vision, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Black Panther cake toppers.

The Rocket Raccoon cake topper was made by Christian Gardina Cake Artist

Vision Cake Topper

This fabulous Vision cake topper was made by Simone Lopez Sugar Artist.

War Machine Cake Topper

This War Machine Cake Topper was made by Simone Sugar Art.