Groot And Rocket Raccoon Save This Birthday

Groot Cake

“I am Groot” is a line that we will long remember from Groot, ‘the walking tree-like plant creature’ in the new Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  Rocket and Groot make an adorable pair of bounty hunters and thieves that later become members of the Guardians of the Galaxy along with Star-Lord (Peter Quill), Gamora,and Drax the Destroyer. This unlikely group of misfits is thrown together by an unlikely set of circumstances and become heroes by saving the galaxy at the end of the movie. The interaction between the characters and the individual character personalities make this a movie worth watching and make these characters loved and adored by movie-goers everywhere. 

A set of 8 year old twin girls saw the movie, fell in love with Groot and Rocket and asked their mom, Laylah Moore at For the Love of Cake, to make this amazing Groot and Rocket Racoon Birthday cake for them.  Groot’s body was made from chocolate Mud Cake and his head was made using Rice Krispies Treats.  Rocket was made using modeling chocolate.

Be sure to catch the Marvel’s video of baby Goot dancing in his flower pot at the end of this post.  It was the cutest scene in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Rocket Racoon Cake

Rocket Raccoon and Groot Cake

Guardians of the Galaxy Cake

Rear View of this Guardians of the Galaxy Cake


Here is the video of baby Groot dancing. He is the cutest little alien plant in the galaxy.