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This Cake Shouts ‘I Am Groot’

Groot Cake

This Cake Shouts ‘I Am Groot’.  Groot, our favorite alien tree creature from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, has made his way to London. Tattooed Bakers of South London, UK made this amazing edible representation of this popular Marvel character.

This cake uses separate pieces of edible bark put together to compose Groot’s outer covering. The woodgrain of each piece is magnificent. The little tree limbs that come out of the body look great.  One would expect them to sprout leaves at any moment.  The face looks like it was carved from wood. It’s hard to believe that the inside of this Groot is actually chocolate cake. Notice the #IAMGROOT appearing on the cake board in front of the cake.

Guardians of the Galaxy Cake
Side view of Groot