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Splendid Guardians of the Galaxy Cupcakes

Guardians of the Galaxy Cupcakes

For The Love of Cake made these Splendid Guardians of the Galaxy Cupcakes. Groot, Star-Lord, Drax, Rocket, Gamora, and the ‘Awesome Mix Vol 1’ tape are featured on these purple cupcakes.  

Groot’s head is light brown in color with woodgrain lines and 2 black eyes and a small mouth. Even though he only has a vocabulary of 3 words, he is an amazing character. Did you know that “I am Groot” was recorded over 1000 times in the making of this movie? Another interesting piece of trivia is that when Groot was first introduced in comics, he used to talk with a much larger vocabulary.

Drax has a green face with red tattoos around his eyes.

Rocket has a traditional raccoon face that is brown with black patches beneath his eyes and white eye brows and a white nose with a black tip. Rocket Racoon was originally named for a Beatles song ‘Rocky Raccoon.’  He is usually just called Rocket.

Gamora has green skin with black and purple hair. She was adopted by Thanos.

The Awesome Mix Vol 1 tape featuring Quill’s mom’s favorite songs from the 1970’s is on top of a cupcake.  The tape was a very nice addition to the movie.  It reminded Quill of his mom and his life on earth. The tape is also a great mix of songs that a lot of movie-goers really enjoy listening to.

The last cupcake to mention is Star-Lord’s face mask has a silver outer covering and red eyes. My favorite character was Peter Quill (Star-Lord). He is taken from his home at an early age and his prize possession is a cassette tape of classic rock songs that his dying mother had given him.  Since he is kidnapped by pirates, he becomes a pirate/treasure seeker. Throughout the movie, his life and character evolves and grows.  He reminds me a lot of another famous rogue, Han Solo, in his mannerisms and actions.  Both, in the end,  reluctantly, becoming heroes and save the day.

Who is your favorite character from Guardians of the Galaxy?