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Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman Unite For This Birthday Party

Superheroes Cake

Cake Me To Your Party made this amazing 5th Birthday cake. This cake is based on Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl. The bottom layer is aquamarine and has a Birthday girl superhero emblem that resembles Supergirl’s emblem. There is a golden rope at the bottom of this layer and the top layer. Comic book word balloons with ‘POW’ and ‘BOOM’ are on either side of the emblem. The top layer is pink with the Batman / Batgirl symbol in the middle. On top of the cake are Wonder Woman’s golden Tiara and a big black round bomb that is about to explode. The tiara is yellow with a blue star in the middle.  The cake was made from a chocolate mud cake with cookies and cream buttercream frosting. 

Sugar Coated Candy & Dessert Buffets created this wonderful Supergirl themed 5th birthday display with the cake as the centerpiece. It includes wonderful macarons and cookies by Cakes Mary Makes. The macarons and cookies have comic book word balloons with “POW”, “KAPOW”, “BOOM” and the Supergirl symbol personalized to the birthday girl. There are also color coordinated Bon Bons and gum balls and other nice party treats in blue, pink, and yellow. This is one of the most elaborate birthday party displays that I have seen.


Wonder Woman Cake

Wonder Woman’s tiara


Superhero Cookies

Superhero Macarons


Supergirl Birthday Party Display

Supergirl themed birthday party buffet

Superhero Birthday Display

Side view of birthday buffet

Superhero Cookies

Supergirl cookies