The Guardians of the Galaxy Are Saving This Birthday

Guardians of the Galaxy Cake

Guardians of the Galaxy are back and ready to save this birthday thanks to Regali Kitchen who made this marvelous Guardians of the Galaxy Cake.  This cake is royal blue with the birthday boy’s name in gold letters.  Drax and Gamora are poised on either side of the birthday name to save the day.  Drax is green with red swatches. Gamora has black pants and a brown holster.

Groot, Star-Lord,and Rocket are standing on top of the cake. Rocket Raccoon is wearing an orange jumpsuit poised ready to strike. Peter Quill has his Star-Lord costume on with blasters in both hands. Groot has offshoots of new growth and a new leaf. One can see many layers of wooden panels that make up Groot. These Guardians look wonderful. 


Rock Raccoon Cake

Rocket Raccoon in his orange jumpsuit


Star Lord Cake

front and back view of Peter Quill in his Star-Lord costume


Groot Cake

Groot standing up