The Grinch Caught Red Handed with Red Christmas Tree Ornament

Grinch Cake

This Marvelous How the Grinch Stole Christmas Cake was made by Tasty Cakes. This Grinch is life-sized and has a cake body and Rice Krispies Treats legs. Even the ornament in his hand is edible. It is blown red sugar.  The Grinch is wearing a red Santa hat with white trim.  He has a red Santa jacket with white trim and a black belt with a gold buckle.  He is wearing red elf shoes with white trim at the ankles and a gold ball at the tip of the toes.  He is green skinned with a black nose and green eyes. He is holding in his left hand a  fragile red Christmas ornament with a golden top.  It’s appears he has just plucked the last ornament off the Christmas tree and is sneaking away to go back up the chimney ad disappear into the night with his Christmas plunder from the houses of  all the cheerful and warm hearted Whos in Whoville. 


How the Grinch Stole Christmas Cake

Close-up of the Grinch’s face

Grinch Cake

Cake in progress picture with Rick Krispies legs, cake body and head.

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