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Daisy Duck Sends Holiday Greetings Your Way

Daisy Duck Cake

Daisy Duck and Pluto say Happy Holidays on this Disney Christmas Cake made by Giada’s Cakes.  The pink color theme of this cake gives it a Daisy Duck flair. Daisy looks festive and has a smile on her face. She looks ready to celebrate this Christmas holiday season. Daisy is dressed in a pink Santa hat and jacket. The jack and hat are trimmed in white fur. Daisy has a white fur hand warmer to warm her hands.  She has on pink high heel shoes with white bows on top.  She is standing on a snowy platform and is surrounded by snow.  A large white snowflake is just behind her. The birthday name is in front of her with pink letters and white snow on top of each letter.  A cluster of three green holly leaves and three red holly berries are beside Daisy. On the other side of Daisy and a little lower than Daisy, is an evergreen tree covered in snow. The top of the pink cake is draped with a blanket of snow. There are two more clusters of three holly green leaves and three red berries. A large white snowflake is just below the name.  The side of the cake is covered in large and small white snowflakes. The cake board is white to represent snow.  Pluto is sitting on the cake board beside the cake.  He has a bright cheerful smile on his face and he looks ready to have lots of fun playing in the snow. There are two Christmas presents near Pluto.  The bottom present is red with yellow polka dots. An orange present with a green ribbon and bow sits on top of the red present. An evergreen tree covered in snow is on the other side of the Christmas presents and a sprig of holly is on the other side of the tree.

Daisy Duck Cake

Daisy Duck Close-up

Disney Pluto Cake

Pluto Close-up

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