What If Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, And Firefly Met In Space?

Star Wars Cake

This marvelous Science Fiction Cake was made by  Regali Kitchen.  I love the way this cake features so many famous spaceships from TV shows and movies.  The cake includes Star Wars’ Death Star and Millennium Falcon, Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise and a Klingon Bird of Prey, Doctor Who’s TARDIS and a Dalek ship, and Firefly’s Serenity and a transport ship.

The cake board is dark blue with white flecks for stars. The birthday name and Happy Birthday are written in yellow letters on the cake board.


Doctor Who Cake

The Dalek ship is brown and looks a lot like a flying saucer. The light on top lights up. The TARDIS is blue with white windows and door handles. The light on the top of the TARDIS also lights up.


Millennium Falcon Cake

The Millennium Falcon is gray with red accents. The deflector shield projector and sensor dish, quad lasers, the cockpit, and various hatches are seen on the ship. The drive unit at the rear of the Millennium Falcon lights up.


Death Star Cake

The Death Star is gray with darker gray panels. The round disk where the Death Star fires is lit up in green lights around the edges and in the center. The Millennium Falcon is just below the Death Star and the Dalek ship is just to one side of the Death Star.


Star Trek Cake

The Klingon Bird of Prey is green and has wings and a head much like a bird. The top has gray panels and the front part of the ship where the bridge resides has red trim. There are disruptors at the end of each wing. The torpedo launcher below the front part of the bridge lights up. 


Star Trek Enterprise Cake

The Starship Enterprise is gray with blue and red trim. There are two glowing yellow lights at the end of the two warp nacelles. 


Starship Enterprise Cake

The Enterprise and Klingon Bird of Prey are facing off against each other.


 Firefly Cake

Here are a transport ship and Serenity from Firefly


Firefly Cake

Firefly-class transport ship


Serenity Cake



Star Wars Cake

So the questions is if all these ships battled in space who’d win?  Please leave your answer in the comments bellow.

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