Fantastic Ladybug 2nd Birthday Cake

Ladybug Cake

Ladybug 2nd Birthday Cake

Iriska Sweets made this wonderful Ladybug 2nd Birthday Cake. It features Ladybug and Tikki from the animated series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

This is a single tier cake that is black on the bottom and white on top. Instead of the seem between the two colors being perfectly straight, the edge goes up and down so it looks like hills.

There are lady bugs on the bottom half of the cake. In the center of the cake is Marinette Dupain-Cheng dressed as Ladybug.

Tikki is on top of the cake. Beside Tikki are a white with red polka dots number two candle and some cherries. 


Close-up of Ladybug Cake

I really like the way Ladybug is posed. Marinette is turned slightly, her arms are crossed and her head is titled to one side as if she is looking that way. Usually a when a character is on the front of a cake, they are facing the person looking at the cake. Having Marinette turned slightly, with her arms crossed and her looking to one side is so much harder to do, but it really makes this cake stand out.


Tikki Cake Topper

This Tikki cake topper is cute! 

Great Stardew Valley Cake

Stardew Valley Cake

Stardew Valley Cake

Sweet Avenue Cakery made this wonderful Stardew Valley Cake.

This is a two tear cake. The top tier has the Stardew Valley logo, mountains and clouds. The bottom tier has the house, mill, silo, trees and animals.

When you launch Stardew Valley, you see the valley and clouds above it. That is quickly replaced with the Stardew Valley logo and the options to load an existing game or to create a new one.  The top tier does a wonderful job of recreating those opening screens.

For most of the game, you are in one of three locations – your farm, Pelican Town or deep in a mine. The bottom tier of recreates your farm. It has your house, your mill (where you mill flour, rice and sugar) and your silo (where you store hay to feed your animals). There are also two trees and animals including a cow, chicken, and your cat.

If you’ve never played Stardew Valley, I highly recommend it. It is my favorite video game.

As you can probably tell from this terrific cake, the heart of Stardew Valley is a charming farming simulator. You plant crops and maintain them, raise animals and cook, fish and build stuff. When you get lonely or need supplies you go into Pelican town and interact with the people who live there. It is a extremely charming and relaxing game.

There are three things which really make this game exceptional. First, there are a lot of fantasy elements in this game. There are quests to complete, mines with monsters and treasures, and magical characters to interact with.

Second, there is no wrong way to play the game. Don’t feel like farming? Skip it and spend a few seasons mining or fishing. Love farming? You can do nothing but farm and still have a wonderful time. 

Third, the story and world evolves over time. Without spoiling anything, as you interact with the town and the people in it, they change because of your interaction.

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You’ll Get A Charge Out Of These Megavolt Cookies

Megavolt Cookies

Megavolt Cookies

These marvelous Megavolt 29th Birthday Cookies were made by Пряники Калининград for a friend who is an electrician. These wonderful cookies have Megavolt in two different poses. Megavolt has a really complex costume for an animated character and it looks great here. He is always nervous and his facial expression is perfect on these cookies.

One of the most enjoyable parts about writing this blog is sharing cakes and cookies featuring rare characters. My husband and I used to set the VCR to record The Disney Afternoon and then we’d watch it in the evenings after work. One of the shows that we watched daily was Darkwing Duck.

I’ve only featured Darkwing Duck twice on this blog, so I was delighted when I found these awesome Megavolt cookies. They bring a big smile to my face, so I had to share them.

I’d ranked Megavolt as #2 in Darkwing Duck’s rouges gallery. First place goes to Negaduck because he is an evil mirror of Darkwing. Megavolt seems inspired by the classic Spider-Man villain, Electro. While I really like Electro, I Megavolt is more fun because he isn’t as serious as a character. I don’t know if I have a favorite solo Megavolt episode, but I really liked him as part of the Fearsome Five in the two part Just Us Justice Ducks.

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 Naoto Hattori Cake Collaboration Part 5

This wonderful cake was made byNovel T Cakes .

This post is the fifth in a series featuring the A World Apart – Naoto Hattori Cake Collaboration hosted by Ana Remígio. Works from sugar artists from around the world pay tribute to the art of Naoto Hattori.

Cake by Novel T Cakes

This wonderful piece is based on the original piece ‘Baby Elephant’.

Novel T Cakes Social Media Links:

Instagram Novel T Cakes


Cake by Torte Zeiko 

Secondly, Torty Zeiko made this terrific Cake.

This piece reminds me of the original piece ‘Tripping Bird 03’ .

Torty Zeiko Social Media Links:

Facebook Torty Zeiko


Cake by Nenad Michich Cake

Thirdly, this wonderful cake was made by Nenad Michich Cake.

This piece reminds me of the original piece ‘Eternity.’

Nenad Michich Social Media Links:

Facebook Nenad Michich Cake


Fourthly, this wonderful cake was made by Avalon Cakes.

This piece is similar to the original piece ‘Stream of Thought’

This wonderful cake took about 35 hours to create. It is a combination of cake and white chocolate ganache.

Avalon Cakes Social Media Links:

Facebook Avalon Cakes



Fifthly, this wonderful cake was made by Natalia Las Gateaux.

This piece reminds me of  the original piece ‘Beast Angel 05.’

Natalia Las Gateaux Social Media Links:

Instagram Natalia Las Gateaux

Facebook Natalia Las Gateaux



Sixthly, this wonderful cake was made by Le Torte Decor Arte.

This piece reminds me somewhat of the original pieces ‘Tripping Rabbit.’ and ‘Idolize’

Le Torte Decor Arte Social Media Links:

Instagram Le Torte Decor Arte

Facebook La Torte Decor Arte


Seventhly, this wonderful cake was made by Maria Magrat.

This piece reminds me of the body of  the original piece ‘Tripping Wasp 02’

Maria Magrat Social Media Links:

Instagram Maria Magrat

Facebook Maria Magrat


Eigthly, this wonderful cake was made by Emma Jayne Cake Design.

This piece is reminds me of  the original piece ‘Recollection 054.’

Emma Jayne Cake Design Social Media Links:

Facebook Emma Jayne Cake Design


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