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Snoopy & The Beagle Scouts Cookies

Snoopy & The Beagle Scouts Cookies

Snoopy & The Beagle Scouts Cookies

These cute Snoopy & The Beagle Scouts Cookies were made by Four Peas and A Dog. There are five cookies in this set:

The first two cookies are of the Beagle Scouts toasting marshmallows by a camp fire. In the first cookie, one bird has a branch with a bunch of twigs on it. Each twig has a marshmallow on it, so they’re all one large bunch. On the other cookie, Snoopy has a rake and on each tooth he has placed a marshmallow. In this cookie, you can also see their tent and sleeping bags.

The third cookie has a Beagle Scout using binoculars. They are so short, they are standing on top of another bird. 

The fourth is of a Beagle Scout tucked into their sleeping bag for the night. The cute little bird is still wearing their brown Beagle Scout hat. They’re snoring, but instead of Zs, the word balloons has the little chicken scratch that are always used to show Woodstock speaking.

The last cookie is Snoopy. He is wearing a green hat, a back pack and a bandana. There are three Beagle Scouts sitting on his hat. Snoopy is looking up at them and smiling.

This is such a cute set of cookies!

Looking for more Snoopy & Woodstock treats? These can’t be beat:

This lovely cake features Snoopy playing the piano, while Woodstock sits on the piano’s end and listens.

Half of these cute Snoopy Cupcakes, feature Snoopy and Woodstock together.

This great Christmas Cake features Snoopy and 3 Woodstocks wearing top hats and carrying candy canes. All four characters are dancing.

Flying Captain Caveman Cake

Captain Caveman Cake

Captain Caveman Cake

This amazing Captain Caveman Cake was made by Puckycakes. It features Captain Caveman flying through the air. There is a cute monster coming out of an egg and the Captain is hitting the egg with his club.

Captain Caveman first appeared in the Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels segments made for Scooby’s All Star Laff-A-Lympics. These short cartoons mixed Charlie’s Angels with a stone-age superhero. 

The Captain and the Teen Angels were also part of the Laff-A-Lympics team – The Scooby Doobies. Originally, those slots were going to be filled by the cast of Josie and The Pussycats. I would have loved seeing Josie and The Pussycats on Laff-A-Lympics.

The Captain and his Teen Angles were popular enough that they eventually received their own animated series.  

Captain Caveman and his son, Cavey Jr. also appeared as a segment on The Flintstone Kids. I haven’t seen the Flinstone Kids in years, but if I remember correctly, Captain Caveman was Fred and Barney’s favorite TV show. 

One of Captain Caveman’s most unusual series was in the Flintstone Comedy Show. Here is Wikipedia description:

“In November 1980, Captain Caveman began to star in segments of his own on The Flintstone Comedy Show, one of many spin-offs of Hanna-Barbera’s popular prime-time show The Flintstones, often in a role similar to that of Superman. Captain Caveman worked at The Daily Granite newspaper with Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble. His “secret identity” was Chester the office boy. To disguise himself as Chester, Captain Caveman wore a pair of glasses and a tie. Despite the simplicity of his disguise, he required a coat rack and an elaborate transformation sequence to become Captain Caveman.”

I’ve never seen these cartoons and will have to see if they are online.

Back to this gorgeous cake.


Close-up of Captain Caveman

Here is a close-up of Captain Caveman. Georgia did an amazing job with the Captain flying through the air. The detail on the Captain is wonderful. His eyes are crossed and the two pupils are different sizes. He is covered in brown hair and has a few black hairs sticking out. His facial expression makes him look like he is happy.


Dinosaur Egg Cake Figure

The little green monster coming out the egg is adorable. I really like how his eyes and eye brows are popping out of the top of the shell so that everything is black and white. The rest of his face is green. He has little fangs, a tiny nose and little arms. He looks puzzled by why Captain Caveman is hitting him. 

This is the first time I’ve featured Captain Caveman. I love Hanna-Barbera cartoons and have featured many of their characters in the past. Here are just some of the characters I’ve featured – The FlintstonesThe JetsonsScooby-DooYogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, SnagglepussPenelope PitstopGrape ApeTop Cat and Jonny Quest.

Neon Casper The Friendly Ghost Cake

Neon Casper The Friendly Ghost Cake

Neon Casper The Friendly Ghost Cake

This adorable neon Casper The Friendly Ghost Cake was made by Death By Dessert Studio.

Yesterday’s post featured Huckleberry Hound. In it, I mentioned that one of Huck’s most unusual appearances was in the animated Christmas Special – Casper’s First Christmas.  Hanna-Barbera had made the Saturday morning cartoon – Casper and the Angels. So when they created the Christmas special, they included Yogi Bear, Boo-Boo, Huckleberry Hound, Snagglepuss, Quick Draw McGraw, and Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy as guest stars.

Reading about this Christmas special, put me in the mood to share a bootiful Casper treat.

On this wonderful cake, Casper is standing at a gumball machine and the gumballs are passing through him and spilling are all over the floor.

I really like the bright neon colors that Sarah used. It really makes this cake stand out. Using little balls for the gumballs was a great touch because it makes the cake look 3-D.

Sarah got the idea for this cake after seeing a tattoo by Who Tattoo. The original image is from the famous cover to Casper The Friendly Ghost #165.


Casper The Friendly Ghost 165

At the end of every post, I always point out some of my favorite posts I’ve written featuring today’s character. Surprisingly, this is the first time I’ve featured Casper The Friendly Ghost on Between The Pages. But over the years, I have had some happy haunts materialize including: The Haunted Mansion’s Hitchhiking Ghosts, matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse GhostsZero, the Ghost Dog from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Slimer from Ghostbusters, Charlie Brown trick or treating in his ghost costume with too may eyes and Marvel Comics’ supernatural superhero Ghost Rider

Woody Woodpecker 3rd Birthday Cake

Woody Woodpecker 3rd Birthday Cake

Woody Woodpecker 3rd Birthday Cake

Ever since I wrote the post about these cool Chilly Willy Cookies, I’ve been wanted to feature Woody Woodpecker. So when I saw this wonderful Woody Woodpecker 3rd Birthday Cake made by Ket & Po, I had to share it.

This is a single tier cake that is designed to look like a log. Woody has pecked through it and is sticking his head out of the log. The top of the cake is decorated with orange and red chocolate balls. There is a number 3 gingerbread cookie which is designed to look like a piece of wood that Woody has also pecked through. Standing and looking shocked at the damage is Woody’s adversary – Buzz Buzzard.

While researching Buzz Buzzard, I found a cool piece of trivia. In the TV show, The New Woody Woodpecker Show, Buzz is voiced by no other than Luke Skywalker himself – Mark Hamill.

Since I love cartoons, I recently read Mel Blanc’ That’s Not All Folks! If you like vintage cartoons, I highly recommend that it. In the book, Mel talks about his time voicing Woody Woodpecker on cartoons and radio. My husband is a massive Old Time Radio fan, so I asked him about the Woody Woodpecker radio show.

Woody’s radio show wasn’t about his adventures. Instead, it was more like Reading Rainbow. Woody would introduce a picture book, it would be read aloud and then Woody would talk about the book. The episode I heard was interesting because one of the books featured was about Yosemite Sam. Having Woody Woodpecker (Walter Lantz’s star character) talking about Yosemite Sam (a Warner Brother’s character) would be like Batman reading a Spider-Man book to kids.

Another piece of funny Woody Woodpecker trivia. Mel Blanc used to record singles where he sang as different cartoons characters. These weren’t just novelty records. They sold like crazy. In fact, Mel’s record, The Woody Woodpecker Song, was so popular, it was the #1 record in the country. Long before Casey Kasem, there was a young crooner – Frank Sinatra – who had a weekly radio show where he sang the hit songs of the week. So there are recordings of Frank Sinatra singing The Woody Woodpecker Song!

While this is my first time featuring Woody Woodpecker on my blog, I’ve featured plenty of cartoon birds before.

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