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Woody Woodpecker 3rd Birthday Cake

Woody Woodpecker 3rd Birthday Cake

Woody Woodpecker 3rd Birthday Cake

Ever since I wrote the post about these cool Chilly Willy Cookies, I’ve been wanted to feature Woody Woodpecker. So when I saw this wonderful Woody Woodpecker 3rd Birthday Cake made by Ket & Po, I had to share it.

This is a single tier cake that is designed to look like a log. Woody has pecked through it and is sticking his head out of the log. The top of the cake is decorated with orange and red chocolate balls. There is a number 3 gingerbread cookie which is designed to look like a piece of wood that Woody has also pecked through. Standing and looking shocked at the damage is Woody’s adversary – Buzz Buzzard.

While researching Buzz Buzzard, I found a cool piece of trivia. In the TV show, The New Woody Woodpecker Show, Buzz is voiced by no other than Luke Skywalker himself – Mark Hamill.

Since I love cartoons, I recently read Mel Blanc’ That’s Not All Folks! If you like vintage cartoons, I highly recommend that it. In the book, Mel talks about his time voicing Woody Woodpecker on cartoons and radio. My husband is a massive Old Time Radio fan, so I asked him about the Woody Woodpecker radio show.

Woody’s radio show wasn’t about his adventures. Instead, it was more like Reading Rainbow. Woody would introduce a picture book, it would be read aloud and then Woody would talk about the book. The episode I heard was interesting because one of the books featured was about Yosemite Sam. Having Woody Woodpecker (Walter Lantz’s star character) talking about Yosemite Sam (a Warner Brother’s character) would be like Batman reading a Spider-Man book to kids.

Another piece of funny Woody Woodpecker trivia. Mel Blanc used to record singles where he sang as different cartoons characters. These weren’t just novelty records. They sold like crazy. In fact, Mel’s record, The Woody Woodpecker Song, was so popular, it was the #1 record in the country. Long before Casey Kasem, there was a young crooner – Frank Sinatra – who had a weekly radio show where he sang the hit songs of the week. So there are recordings of Frank Sinatra singing The Woody Woodpecker Song!

While this is my first time featuring Woody Woodpecker on my blog, I’ve featured plenty of cartoon birds before.

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Funko Pop Judy Jetson Cake

Funko Pop Judy Jerson Cake

Funko Pop Judy Jetson Cake

This Funko Pop Judy Jetson Cake is  a 3-D sculpted cake. Her hair is tied with a black bow. She is wearing a 2 toned pink shirt and pants.

Her hair and clothes look like they were made with separate pieces of fondant.

This wonderful cake was made by Judy Reimer.

This cake is part of the Funko Pop Cake collaboration by Sugar Junkies Collaborations.

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Funko Pop Tygra Cake

Tygra Funko Pop Cake

Funko Pop Tygra Cake

This Funko Pop Tygra cake is a sculptured cake. He is standing on the Thundercats emblem. His blue coveralls also have the Thundercats symbol.

This wonderful cake was made by Sabrina Mattia.

This cake is part of the Funko Pop Cake collaboration by Sugar Junkies Collaborations.

Fondant was probably used to make the the orange and white fur and the blue coveralls. The white fur looks like tuffs of fur.

In addition, the arms are orange with black stripes to look like tiger stripes and the paws and feet are covered in white fur.

Most of the cake board is covered in green fondant to represent grass.

Also, take a look at this hand-painted cake with Lion-O holding the Sword of Omen, Tygra and Cheetara.

And these ThunderCats cookies of Cheetara, Lion-O, Lion-O holding the Sword of Omens, and the ThunderCats logo.

Fantastic Ladybug 2nd Birthday Cake

Ladybug Cake

Ladybug 2nd Birthday Cake

Iriska Sweets made this wonderful Ladybug 2nd Birthday Cake. It features Ladybug and Tikki from the animated series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

This is a single tier cake that is black on the bottom and white on top. Instead of the seem between the two colors being perfectly straight, the edge goes up and down so it looks like hills.

There are lady bugs on the bottom half of the cake. In the center of the cake is Marinette Dupain-Cheng dressed as Ladybug.

Tikki is on top of the cake. Beside Tikki are a white with red polka dots number two candle and some cherries. 


Close-up of Ladybug Cake

I really like the way Ladybug is posed. Marinette is turned slightly, her arms are crossed and her head is titled to one side as if she is looking that way. Usually a when a character is on the front of a cake, they are facing the person looking at the cake. Having Marinette turned slightly, with her arms crossed and her looking to one side is so much harder to do, but it really makes this cake stand out.


Tikki Cake Topper

This Tikki cake topper is cute!