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Fabulous Asterix and Obelix Cake

Asterix Cake 

This Fabulous Asterix and Obelix Cake was made by Ana Mourinho Remigio from Cupcakes and Dreams.  This cake features Obelix carrying a stack of books and Asterix lying on top of the books while reading a book.

This Fabulous Asterix and Obelix Cake was made for the Everyone’s Story Matters Collaboration which is an international cake collaboration celebrating International Literacy Day in support of ALS Research. To celebrate International Literacy Day, a group of cake artists, from around the world, decided to honour all of the stories that matter to them, and to their children. William Joyce says it best in one of his books “Everyone’s story matters.”

Asterix Cake  

Here is Ana’s description of this Fabulous cake:

Me and my brother had so much fun reading these really funny books, so many memories… Asterix is both, the hero and the title of a series of famous comic style books by the French writers Goscinny and Uderzo. Those comics are set in Gaul, which is now France, around 50 B.C., during the reign of the Roman Empire and the invasion of Gaul by the Romans. Asterix and his friends live in a small village on the coast of Brittany, where they attempt to repel the Roman invaders with the help of the magic potions brewed up by their druid.

Obelix Cake