Fabulous Couture Cakes

Couture Cake Angela Penta

Here’s a glimpse at the third set of cakes from the Couture Cakers Sugar Art Collaboration. It is hosted by Heba M Elalfy of Sweet Dreams by Heba.  This is the first annual celebration of couture using all types of sugar medium as created by an international team of Sugar Artists. For the next three weeks, they will be introducing a new line of cakes, cookies and figurines. Please check out this collaboration.

This is the last of three posts about this Wonderful collaboration.

The Terrific Couture Cake above was made by Angela Penta of Angela Penta Cakes. At the top of this amazing cake is a girl, dressed in a pink dress, sitting on top of an old style glass perfume bottle. The top tier of the cake is shaped like a music box. There is a picture of a ballerina on the side of the music box. Light pink roses that match the girl’s dress are on the top corner. The bottom tier of the cake is square that look like the front of a building.  There is a painting of the Eiffel tower in one of the windows of the building. The cake board looks like the tile of a floor of a dress shop in Paris. There is a dress maker’s form and a bench on the tile floor.


Couture Cake Heba Elalfy

This Wonderful Couture Cake was made by Heba Elalfy of Sweet Dreams by Heba. The color scheme of this superb cake is black and gold. There is a Kanzashi flower with small yellow flowers on the top of the cake. The top two tiers of the cake are gold. The top tier is interwoven wafer paper. There are delicate filigree golden feathers all around the middle tier. The bottom tier is covered with three dimensional black flowers and leaves with gold highlights and a few golden birds. Take a look at this Kanzashi flower Tutorial that Heba did.


Couture Cake Marianna Gomez

The Fabulous Couture Cake was made by Marianna Gomez of Artentacion pasteleria de Marianna Gomez. A small brown cake is a platform to a red haired girl dressed in a light pink and white polka dot skirt, a darker pink top, and a aquamarine and white sweater. Her shoes match her top. She is wearing a red rose on her sweater to match her red hair. She has a friendly smile on her face.


Couture Cookie Rocio Solis

The Marvelous Couture Cookie was made by Rocio Solis of El Atelier de la Reposteria. This superb cookie is a painting of a lady wearing a headpiece with white pearls that make up the edges and flower shapes with red beads in the center. There is a red bow at the bottom and a white lacy cloth piece that covers most of her hair. She is wearing long thin gold earrings. She has on a red bead necklace and a gold bead necklace. Her dress is red and white with gold trim.


Couture Cake Sugandha Aggarwal

The Elegant Couture Cake was made by Sugandha Aggarwal of Expressions Cake Art. The bottom tier of the amazing cake is light pink with gold filagree decorations. The top tier is gold with a linen looking sash draped over the cake. There are golden pieces of linen going around the bottom of each tier. At the top of the cake on one corner is a pink and gold broach.


Couture Cake Tanya Ross

The Splendid Couture Cake was made by Tonya Ross of Novel-T Cakes. At the top of the cake is a purple and gold masquerade mask. Below the mask are blue and red pieces of cloth. The cake is shaped to look like a bag that holds these items. Drawn on the outside of this bag are scissors with needles and spools of thread, and yellow measuring tapes on each side of the scissors. On the cake board is a spool of thread with a needle, a thimble, gold buttons, straight pins and a dress form that holds a blue and gold dress with a matching hat and purse.


Please visit the Couture Cakers Sugar Art Collaboration to check out more of these amazing cakes.

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