Fabulous Couture Cakes 2018

Angela Penta Couture cake

This Terrific couture cake was made by Angela Penta from Angela Penta Cakes.

This wonderful multi-tiered cake has three tiers that are midnight blue. On the side of the cake is an edible tree limb with red berries and green leaves. A pretty thrush bluebird is perched on a branch. 

Here’s more Wonderful cakes from the Couture Cakers International Sugar Art Collaboration. It is hosted by Heba M Elalfy of Sweet Dreams by Heba.  This is the second annual celebration of couture using all types of sugar medium as created by an international team of Sugar Artists. Please check out this collaboration. This is the last of four posts about this Wonderful collaboration.


Anastasia Kaliazin couture cake

This Marvelous couture cake was made by Anastasia Kallazin from Anastasia’s Cakes.

This cake is an edible black shoe with hand-painted flowers and a white purse with a gold filigree top. 


 couture cake Elina Prawito

This Fabulous couture cake was made by Elina Prawito from Bake-A-Boo Cakes.

Here’s Elina’s description of this wonderful cake:

For the bottom part of the cake, I used fondant to create the pleated look. The top part was handpainted and I used silicone mould to create the small flowers on 2nd tier. The yellow flowers were made by using wafer paper to create the soft element.



couture cake Tasnuta Alam couture cake

This Terrific couture cake was made by Tasnuta Alam from Cake Topperz.

This wonderful multi-tiered cake has tiers of varying diameters. The bottom tier is blue, the next tier is covered in white and blue small flowers, the next tier up is silver and the next tier is square and blue bordered by silver. The top tier is silver. There is a large white flower on top.


Maira Liboa couture cake

This Marvelous couture cake was made by Maria Liboa from Maira Liboa Sugar Art.

This wonderful cake has alternating light and dark pink ruffles on the bottom tier. The next tier is pink with white polka-dots. There are large pink and white flowers on top.


couture cake Marlene Debattista couture cake

This Superb couture cake was made by Marlene Debattista from Cake Heaven by Marlene.

This wonderful cake is four tiers with alternating blue and white tiers. There are 3-d flowers on the sides of the tiers. The flowers are white with yellow centers and red berries and green leaves on each of the tiers.



couture cake Sarah Lou Smith couture cake

This Splendid couture cake was made by Sarah Lou Smith from Sensational Sugar Art by Sarah Lou

This wonderful multi-tier cake has an orange bottom tier with a lighter orange tier on the top. Small hand-painted white, blue, pink, yellow flowers are on the bottom tier. The top tier has larger blue and yellow flowers painted on the top tier.