Terrific Couture Cakes 2018

Myton Ouano couture cake

This Terrific Couture Cake was made by Myton Ouano from Antonio’s Kitchen. This amazing cake has three tiers. The top and bottom tiers are black with an oriental stylized pattern containing shapes and white flowers drawn onto the cake. There is a terrific bronze dragon clinging to the side of the cake. The middle layer looks like a red Chinese lantern with white stripes. A red ornamental umbrella is propped onto the bottom tier of the cake.

This cake is part of the Couture Cakers Sugar Art Collaboration. It is hosted by Heba M Elalfy of Sweet Dreams by Heba.  This is the second annual celebration of couture using all types of sugar medium as created by an international team of Sugar Artists. Please check out this collaboration. This is the first of four posts about this Wonderful collaboration.


Heba Elalfy couture cake

This Splendid red and black couture cake was made by Heba M Elalfy of Sweet Dreams by Heba.

The tiers of the cake are red. The bottom tier has a black leather ruffle around it. The next tier has a black leather lace up corset with a yellow lace pattern and the red tier showing under the laces. The next tier is red with black edible lace. The top tier is red with gold edible lace. A piece of wide yellow gathered ribbon is beside the top tier and runs around the cake down to the tier below it. Yellow Cali Lilies are on the top of the cake.


Lusi Lioe couture cake

This Wonderful black and gold couture cake was made by Luis Lioe of Dixie Delight. Each of the three tiers is black with gold lines painted onto the cake. There is a gold band around the top and bottom of the middle tier. A cloth-like piece of black and gold fondant drapes down from the top tier to the bottom of the cake. White flowers with black centers are on the top of the cake.


Sveta Bard couture cake

This Marvelous gray couture cake with flowers was made by Sveta Bard of Sveta’s Sweet Cakes. Both tiers of this cake are gray with hand-painted pink and purple flowers with green leaves. 3-D black buds are on the sides and the top of this beautiful cake.


Cherine Chichie couture cake

This Superb  Purple dress couture cake was made by Cherine Chichie of Cherine B Chichie Cake Design.

This top part of this cake is a large purple dress with black sequins and a black border. The dress has multiple tiers of edible fabric. The dress rests on a small white pedestal. The pedestal rests on 2 large square cakes that are slightly different in size. Each square has a purple ribbon around the bottom that matches the dress.


Ana Remigio couture cake

This Fabulous Couture Cake was made by Ana Remigio from Cupcakes & Dreams.

I like the brown and blue butterfly wings at the top and bottom of this lovely dance costume. Brown feathers in the top match the brown of the wings. It looks like the perfect outfit for an elaborate Broadway show.


Please visit the Couture Cakers Sugar Art Collaboration to check out more of these amazing cakes.

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