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TUTORIAL: How To Make A Terrific Dash Cake

Dash cake

This Terrific Dash Cake was made by Corinna Maguire from Lovin from the Oven. Dash is the fastest of the Incredibles. Dash loves to run. He is racing to his next adventure. 

This cake was part of an Incredibles Cake collaboration to celebrate the Incredibles 2 movie.

I saw the movie with my son and we both loved it.  I thought it was as good as the first Incredibles movie.

Disney Incredibles Cake

Dash is wearing his red Incredibles suit with black gloves and black mask. He has a determined smile on his face.

Here’s a great video that Lovin from the Oven created to show how this cake was made.


Dash Cake

The Incredibles Cake

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