How To Make A Kanzashi-style Flower

Fondant Kanzashi Flower

Heba Elalfy from Sweet Dreams by Heba sent me this tutorial on how to make a Kanzashi flower from fondant.


Couture Cake With Kanzashi Flower

Here’s a picture of this Kanzashi-style flower on Heba’s Amazing cake.


You will need:

  • Fondant – yellow and black
  • 2 inch circular cutter
  • 4 or 5 inch circular cutter
  • Rolling pin for fondant
  • X-Acto knife
  • Flexique glue
  • Toothpicks
  • Sanding sugar – yellow


Roll Out Fondant 

Step 1: Roll out the fondant to 2mm thickness.


Cut Fondant Into 6 Circles 

Step 2: Use circular cutter to cut out 6 circles.  2” cutter used here.  The size of the cutter determines the size of petals.


Pinch End of Fodant Circle      
Step 3: Lightly pinch one side of the fondant circle to create a crease as shown – don’t pinch too tightly.

Fold Fondant Along Crease
Step 4: Fold over sides along crease (Step 3) to create a double fold as shown and secure them.


Fondant Flower Petals       
Step 5: All your petals should look like these. Leave them to dry for about one hour .

Cut Fondant Center of Flower
Step 6: Use a circular cutter to cut out a base about  4”-5” diameter and about 3mm-4mm thickness.  (measurements can vary, it’s your choice).


Pinch End of Fodant Leaves 
Step 7: Use an X-Acto knife, or similar, to trim extra length of fondant and pinch the end flat.

Curl Fondant Leaves      

Step 8: Gently curl the top edge of each circle as shown.


Glue Flowers To Base
Step 9: Use Flexique glue to attach the fondant petals to the base as shown. Leave to set overnight

Create Black Fondant Ball 

Step 10: Create a black fondant ball, which will be the center of the flower. It should be 1 – 1.5  inches in size.


Create Black Fondant Dome

Step 11: Push your thumb into the center of the black ball to create a dome and lightly wet the rim and place on top of the flat circular disc from Step 9.


Attach Black Center to Flower

Step 12: Position the ‘center’ inverted onto the flat circular disc from Step 9, as shown. Wet the top of the dome with water or Flexique glue and cover with sanding sugar.


Create An Edge Around The Center

Step 13: Roll out a thin black ‘noodle’ to overlap the petals edges and insert a toothpick through the yellow circular base from Step 6.


Let Flower Dry

Step 14: Leave to dry/set for 24 hours before moving.


Couture Cake With Kanzashi Flower

Heba’s Kanzashi flower sits on top of this Beautiful gold and black cake she created on September 2017.


Kanzashi style Fondant Flower

Another Kanzashi-style flower Heba created.


Couture Cake With Kanzashi Flower

This cake was one of the Fabulous Couture Cakes that I featured earlier to spotlight the Couture Cakers Sugar Art Collaboration

I would like to say a big THANK YOU! to Heba Elalfy from Sweet Dreams by Heba for sharing this tutorial with us.

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