Splendid Count Dracula, Mummy and Frankenstein’s Monster Minions Cupcake Toppers

Minion Halloween Cupcake Toppers

These Splendid Count Dracula and Frankenstein Minions Cupcake Toppers were made by Sues Sugar Creations. 

These Minions are dressed in Halloween costumes as a Mummy, Count Dracula, and Frankenstein’s Monster.

The Mummy Minion is covered in white bandages. His eyes look bloodshot through his googles. 

The Count Dracula Minion is purple and has fangs showing. He is dressed in a black coat and pants with a red vest and bowtie. 

The Frankenstein’s Monster Minion is green with a traditional Frankenstein’s Monster hair cut. His white teeth are showing.

The pumpkin in front of Frankenstein’s Monster is also decorated as a Minion.