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Wonderful Wednesday Addams Cake

Wednesday Addams Cake

This wonderful Wednesday Addams Cake was made by Barbie lo Schiaccianoci – SugarArt.  The cake features Wednesday and Thing (the disembodied hand) on Wednesday’s head.  The likeness to Christina Ricci version of Wednesday Addams is amazing. 

The sculpting on Wednesday Addams is terrific.  Wednesday has black hair in two long ponytails.  Her complexion is extremely light almost white.  She has long thin eye brows, large eyes, are large nose, and small pouted lips.  Wednesday is wearing a black dress with little white paw prints on it.  I’m guessing the paw prints are from a black cat.  The dress has a white collar and white buttons.  Wednesday is wearing grey pantyhose and black boots.  From her facial expression and folded hands, you can tell she is not happy. 

On top of Wednesday’s head is Thing T. Thing.  Thing has had different appearances over time, but in the movies, The Addams Family and Addams Family Values, Thing is a disembodied hand. 

The Addams Family began as a series of cartoons by Charles Addams in The New Yorker. From Wikipedia: “Wednesday and other members of the family had no names.  When the characters were adapted to the 1964 television series, Charles Addams gave her the name “Wednesday”, based on the well-known nursery rhyme line, “Wednesday’s child is full of woe”.” 

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