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These X-Men Cookies Are Uncanny

X-Men Cookies

I really like the design of these X-Men Cookies.  They feature half of an X-Men’s profile on left and half of the X-Men symbol on the right. 

The X-Men shown are:

Storm – One of the leaders of the X-Men.  She has the power of flight and can control of weather.

Professor Charles Xavier – The founder of the X-Men. 

Rouge – The untouchable southern belle with the powers of flight and super strength.

Cyclops – The first X-Men recruited and leader of the X-Men for years.  He fires optic blasts.

Wolverine – The most popular X-Men.  He has adamantium laced bones and razor sharp claws.  His mutant power is self healing.

Mystique – Shape Changer.  Though she is usually a villain, I think she was a member of the X-Men for a period of time.

The Beast – One of the original X-Men.  Brilliant scientist.

Magneto – Master of magnetism.  Used to be the X-Men’s arch enemy, but over the years he has joined the X-Men for periods of time.

Gambit – the Cajun scoundrel with the ability to charge items with kinetic energy.  Do not play cards with Gambit! Smile

Jean Grey – aka Marvel Girl, Phoenix, and Dark Phoenix.  One of the original X-Men.  Has mental powers similar to Charles Xavier.

Unfortunately, I do not know who made the cool cookies.  If you know, please let me know in the comments below, so I can give the baker credit.