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The Earth Healthy vs. The Earth Destroyed

Earth Day Cake  

This Amazing Earth Day Cake was done by Sim Greg from Cake Raga located in Singapore.

This Cake is part of the United Nations of Sugar Art (UNSA) Earth Day Collaboration: Acts of Green.  This event focuses on the beauty of our planet, its animals, and its people.  It will touch on the damage that is being done to our environment and how that damage is affecting humans and animals alike. 

The baker titled this Earth Day Cake “UNLESS”.  It is based on a quote from The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.  

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

 Nothing is going to get better.

It’s not”

The bottom cake layer represents the water on earth, the middle cake layers represents the land on earth, and the top layer represents the air.

I like the way the cake has two sides. The colorful side represents Earth thriving and environmentally healthy.  The gray side represents an Earth that has been destroyed.


Earth Day Cake

This side is the environmentally healthy earth.  There are starfish and blue ocean waves. The middle layer has green leave and lady bugs to represent healthy plants and animals. There are butterflies and flowers to show healthy life on earth. The green tree at the top is producing clean healthy air for everyone to breath.

Earth Day Cake

The dead earth side of the cake shows the oceans turned gray and black from pollution. The leaves are gray and back to show there is no living plant life or other life on Earth because the planet has become unable to support life.

Earth Day Cake

Earth Day Cake

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